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Calculates Waist to Hip Ratio.
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This section explains the Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

There is a different between the WHR of men and women. Men in general possess and WHR of 0.9 where is it is 0.7 for women. It means that a woman with 0.7 WHR is less likely to be a suspect of diseases. Such diseases include Diabetes, Ovarian Cancers and Cardiovascular Disorders. Similarly if a man possess a WHR of 0.9, he is less likely to be a suspect of prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

It is understood that to assess a person's risk of heart attack WHR can proved to be a good measure. One other option is to use the BMI.

However, some research in the subject has not concluded a correlation between WHR and increased Cardiovascular Risk.

Some studies have proven WHR to be a good measure for finding the attractiveness in women. In European Culture, men usually like a woman having 0.7 WHR. People like Sophia Loren, Kelly Brook etc have WHR as 0.7. It should be noted that WHR may vary across different locations. There are places where WHR can increase to 0.9 for women and would still be a perfect ratio.

According to some studies, Women with a lower WHR are smarter and have smarter off-springs. A research in University of Pittsburgh in Pehhsylvania has found that a child's performance in cognition tests was similar to the WHR of their mother.

There are certain artificial methods known, which can alter the WHR for people. Corsets may be used to reduce the waist size. Hips and Buttock Padding may be used to increase the size of hips and buttocks.